mercredi 8 août 2012

Too Fresh (Too Fresh 2012 Remix) - Too Fresh ***FREE DOWNLOAD***

Too Fresh (Too Fresh 2012 Remix) - Too Fresh ***FREE DOWNLOAD***
"With their current single still riding high at number five on the Australian Club Chart, Too Fresh decided it might be a good time to remind you where it all started. Their first ever single was the aptly titled 'Too Fresh' from 2009, back when they were still known as 'Two Fresh'. Before this all gets a bit too confusing let's just say Too Fresh have decided to re-release their first single! This was done primarily because they needed an updated version of 'Too Fresh' to play on tour, but perhaps most importantly because it will give their fans another three years of free counting lessons - at least to the number eight anyway. Too Fresh take up the first remix and deliver a super dooper block rockin moombahcore party cut which has been "kicking ass on tour!" they reckon (check the b-boy breakdown!). Next up is Phetsta one of the biggest dubstep cuts we've heard this year - simply massive. Lee Mortimer follows with his classic 2009 bassline mix, The Hump Day Project then step in with their 'bring-back-Baltimore' reworking and last, but by no means least, come Victims - winners of the 'Too Fresh For 2012' remix competition - with some proper club hype, and remix competition runner up Kris N (who was only 15 when he did this mix!) who drops a big fat techy boomer! Now that's fresh! (we love that word).
KKids x"

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